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Imbibe Summer

Effortless & festive; Gin & Kombucha Summer Cocktail

June 28, 2017
Gin & Kombucha with rhubarb syrup

This is the Summer edition of the effortless yet festive Gin & Kombucha cocktail I created for the Holidays (find it here). It is an extension of my love affair with gin & kombucha, accompanied by a pale pink rhubarb syrup that makes my girlish heart melt. Combined, it forms a chic cocktail perfect for Summer gatherings on the porch. As I mentioned on Instagram recently, Mikkel and I have been talking a lot about how to follow our dreams…

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Colds Summer Sweets

Koldskål w/ Sweet Biscuits, Strawberries & Aromatic Herbs

June 13, 2017

This is my recipe for the most delicious Danish Summer dessert, Koldskål w. Sweet Biscuits, made from eggs, lemon and buttermilk. Get the recipe below! My kitchen is currently filled with the delicate scent of peonies, and as a breeze stirs the blooming fruit trees of the garden an ephemeral odour of freshly mowed grass and the perfume of light yellow roses sweeps though the open patio door. Yes, it must be Summer. So, today I present to you my…

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