Colds Summer Sweets

Koldskål w/ Sweet Biscuits, Strawberries & Aromatic Herbs

June 13, 2017

This is my recipe for the most delicious Danish Summer dessert, Koldskål w. Sweet Biscuits, made from eggs, lemon and buttermilk. Get the recipe below! My kitchen is currently filled with the delicate scent of peonies, and as a breeze stirs the blooming fruit trees of the garden an ephemeral odour of freshly mowed grass and the perfume of light yellow roses sweeps though the open patio door. Yes, it must be Summer. So, today I present to you my…

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No-Knead Pizza with Ricotta, Asparagus & Wild Garlic

May 21, 2017

(Dansk oversættelse nedenfor) For a moment the Spring Sun peeked out from its cloudy hide and we decided to have the first out-door-dinner in our new garden, beneath one of the apple trees. We don’t have a garden table yet, so we pulled out this old and small table from the basement and I managed to fit all of our plates, glasses, cutlery, flowers, and candle sticks onto it… you know me, I like my tables dressed up. The days…

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Holiday Sweets

Mother’s Day Rhubarb Meringue Cupcakes

May 11, 2017

(Danish translation below) This year’s Mother’s Day will be my second as a mother. Last year August was only a baby, we had just returned from an awesome road trip around California, and I had just watched him crawl for the first time. One year later the whirlwind of worries and insecurity, which I’ve learned is inevitably linked with being a first-time mum, has almost settled. I’ve watched him grow into toddler-August and he has just spoken his first word;…

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Colds Condiment

Wild Garlic Pesto

April 20, 2017

(Danish translation below) I nest wherever I go. Whether abroad or at home. To me it’s about being present and simply live whether we’re wandering the dusty pink streets of Marrakesh, the ancient corridors of Kyoto, or as is this case, unpacking boxes and building a new home in the seaport of Svendborg in the Southern part of Denmark. We actually did it. We sold our Copenhagen apartment to build our dream life close to the sound and the forest. The…

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Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Lump Fish Roe

April 3, 2017

This is the final recipe of the menu I created for Mikkel’s 30th birthday and the final recipe I’ll share from our apartment in Copenhagen. Next weekend we will be residing in our new house in Svendborg (southern part of Denmark) with a view to the sound and a short walk to the forest. As we enter what feels like a new chapter in our lives, another closes. A chapter that tells a story of late night dinners with fellow…

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Coffee, Smoke & Whiskey Layer Cake

March 8, 2017

Some ten years ago I met a man on a hot Summer day in a whirlwind of music festival dust. He wore worn out Chuck Taylor All Stars and a crooked smile, and lured with the promise of cold beers and good laughs. We went to a concert together later that night, and to this day I still can’t stop smiling whenever a song from that concert is played on the radio. To me, that’s the sound of young love.…

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